Our State of the Art Technology Core


Technology Platform & Cost Effective Reservations

The ASP (Application Service Provider) delivers a simple-to-use and logical architecture, with formal specifications for high quality and durability. The multi-layered architecture uses XML for secure and reliable data transfer. The technology is built around the highly flexible Microsoft .Net application platform. The system is scalable and robust, utilizing modern component and transaction services. Advanced access control logs all activities and protects data using SSL with 128-­bit encryption.

Scalability and Reliability

Scalability and high availability are achieved through the use of Network Load Balancing (NLB), with multiple Web-servers, and clustered Cloud servers. NLB allows several machines to share a single Internet Protocol (IP) address; the requests are then spread among the available machines to even the load. All servers are located behind inspection firewalls, and have multiple Network Interface Cards to increase performance and security. The administration procedures and architecture eliminate all possibilities of unauthorized access.

“TravLynx technology helps our clients to significantly increase customer revenue at a competitive price, while simplifying a complex process. We allow our customers to take care of their guests while we take care of the backend, behind-the-scenes logistics.  TravLynx technology enables us to offer a wide variety of services, relationships and partnerships representative of the company’s strengths and rapid responsiveness to industry trends and directions.” – Kristin Intress, TravLynx President & CEO