Connex Mission

Building Rewarding Relationships

TravLynx has a strong heritage of collaboration with resellers, industry vendors, and other channel partners. The TravLynx Connex program, focuses on creating even more rewarding and long-lasting relationships. Here’s how:

  • By innovating – and then some. Focused on developing award-winning and industry leading hospitality technology that complements partners’ products, knowledge and service expertise for greater customer satisfaction.
  • By making it easy to work together. Authorization requirements are straight forward, with solution- based competencies that streamline certification, speeding time to market.
  • By turning partnerships into results. Collaborating as well as offering joint marketing, and with tailored services available for support and implementation, partners may immediately begin adding perpetual revenue streams.

To learn more about TravLynx Connex Partner Program, please contact TravLynx at 866-700-3201 or email us at: